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The Goal of the Game

By Katie Ammon

“Life is difficult” was the response I received from a counselor, after explaining my most recent problem at home. It reminded me that we all have challenges and often wonder why life is hard. One theory is that everything that happens to us is something we signed up for before we entered this world. In other words each of our spirits made a contract to take on problems and lessons, so we could overcome them, find new understanding and grow wiser in the process. So when we feel tested by life, we are actually blazing new pathways to learning and growth.

In an etheric world far, far away our spirits said, “We want to play the game of life. The goal of this game is to reach the gates of gold and enter the city of lights. After the journey is over, we will remember who we are, why we came to play the game and all the lessons we learned on our path while we were playing”. So our spirits and souls (guiding angels) took out their big quill pens and formulated life contracts for us. Although our spirits had the wisdom to know what would help us grow, they were naive about and unencumbered with earthly cares. So our spirits signed us up for extreme challenges, like losses, rejection, poverty, misfortunes, failure and misery. Our souls negotiated with our spirits, writing in all the details of our lives in the plan, such as, how we look, where we live and our purpose in life. Once all the details were in place and all the papers were signed we were silently cocooned in a womb and then violently thrust out in a foreign place called: “Earth”. Now the games were on.

Then we found ourselves in physical body, crying because we were cold and wet, with bright lights hurting our eyes. Even though we were cared for as infants, we still cried in distress at any discomfort. As we began to adjust to our bodies, we had so much to learn like walking, eating, taking care of ourselves and getting along with others. Besides taking up so much of our time, those experiences were painful at times and we began to take everything personally. Forgetting our contract, we began to feel victimized by the thing our spirits signed is up for.

As childhood is a complicated time of changes, it usually isn’t ideal. Most of our parents did their best. Others may have been abusive, neglectful or just too young to meet the needs of a child. Others may have been focused on keeping the household going and paying the bills. Some may have been lost in addictions and/or been busy quarreling. Although most of us survive that time, we still may be stuck in resenting our parents, blaming God, our sibling or even friends, who seemed to have better parents. In our frustration we may have struck out, rebelled, became depressed or found a way to make up for what we thought we lacked. Eventually, we grew up and either chose to try to understand those who “hurt’ us and forgave them, leaving the bad feeling at the backdoor of our childhood-or dragged them with us into adulthood. Chucking off some of that debris helps us take a few steps forward on the path to the gates of gold, but unfortunately, most of us humans like to hang on to things and we end up dragging baggage with us for a long time.

As we continued to grow here, we met companions who accepted us but noticed others who seem to reject us.  Because we were busy trying to survive and learning to fit in, it did not occur to us that others were tending to their own emotional wounds and couldn’t reach out due to their suffering or painful memories. If we were able to befriend or help those in pain in any way, we moved forward toward our goal, but if we were disrespectful or cruel we moved a few spots backwards. While we were enjoying the game of life when it was going smoothly, we probably got a rude awakening by incurring inevitable losses, like our jobs, marriages, friends, family, homes or pets. If this time of crisis caused us to become introspective and we suddenly saw life as an unpredictable river that we need to flow with, we were responding to a wakeup call and able to move forward a few spots. If on the other hand, we got stuck in our pain, anger and continued to find something outside ourselves to blame, we regressed backwards again. Thus the game goes on while we float on our sea of misery until we have realized and understand that all our problems were actual tests set up by our spirits, who have wisdom beyond our earthly needs and desires.

Finally, after we figure out we created our own lives, we know we have to take full responsibility for them. Once we look back we may even find that the challenges we encountered while journeying through life were more satisfying than personal or material gain. Our paths, while searching for answers, may have led us to learn to observe life and notice that we are just a small piece of the larger picture. And if we are real observant we might see our brothers and sisters have difficulties too. Then if we can develop compassion for those in pain, forgiveness for those who have harmed us and try to find understanding rather than judgment for those who have lost their way, perhaps we can take a few steps towards our goal. When we realized we signed up to come here to learn, teach, serve or just enjoy life we realized “we are all in this together” playing the game of life. But because life has so many unknown aspects, we cannot know if we will make it to the gates of gold and the city of lights or if we will be back in the next round “playing” again.

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