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The Healing Power of Sound

By Beth Eberhardt

The Law of Vibration basically states that everything in the universe is pure energy which resonates and exists as a vibrational frequency or pattern. In chemistry class we learned about atoms; that everything is made up of atoms and that atoms are in constant motion. The speed of these atoms determined whether things appear as solids, liquids or gases.

Our bodies, therefore, have their own vibration. Our vibration can be affected by other vibrations. You might remember the work of the Japanese researcher named Dr Masaru Emoto. Dr Emoto wrote the fascinating book Messages from Water in which he introduced the concept that music and the spoken word effect water molecules. He took several bottles of purified water and exposed them to different types of music as well as different spoken words. He froze the water and then looked at the water crystals with a powerful microscope. All of the water samples that were exposed to positive words and relaxing music formed patterns and geometric shapes that were elaborate and beautiful. On the other hand, the water that was exposed to harsh words and heavy metal music appeared distorted and not in harmony. According to Dr. Emoto, the results show that water is directly affected by outside influences of sound, vibration and frequency. Knowing that the human body is 60-70% water, our health and well-being would also be affected by harsh vibrations in a negative way.

JB Bardot in his article entitled “Studies Confirm, “Sound Therapy” Heals Arthritis, Cancer, Tinnitus, Autoimmune Disease and More Using Vibrational Frequencies” states, “Words and sounds are much more than just a method of communication. They are tangible forces that have a direct effect on our health and wellbeing. The study of quantum physics shows that the human body and the entire universe is made up of tiny pieces of matter vibrating at certain frequencies and joined together by magnetic forces. Exposing the internal organs and brain to different musical frequencies will encourage them to heal from within, and sound therapy helps to raise the frequency of the human body promoting health, vitality and spiritual wellbeing.”

One can view the human body as being in its own natural state of harmony or ease until other negative vibrations begin to affect it. This puts the body in a state of dis-harmony or dis-ease. According to Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, “There is no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound, music and vibration.”

When parts of the body become stressed or dis-eased, they are also no longer in their correct vibration; which is another way of saying they are not in resonant frequency. To re-establish health you must re-calibrate your frequency. Science, medicine and metaphysics all agree that certain vibrations can repel and destroy disease. In this lies the link between vibration and health.



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