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By Dale Lucht

Originally I was going to write this article on changing the Constitution. It’s over 200 years old and even predates three quarters of our states, not to mention the telegraph and transcontinental trains. It’s amazing that it has lasted this long, but it needs to change. I would put in term limits for Representative and Senators. There should not be professional politicians. Also, Judges should have term limits, perhaps ten years, and the judicial review should be extensive and thorough, with the election through a two thirds majority by the Senate. The Presidency should be one six-year term. This would eliminate running for a second term as soon as the inauguration is over.

Further readings of the Constitution reveal that anyone born in America is a citizen, and we have the right to bear arms, to make a strong militia. Also we have the freedom of religion, I would change that to Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion. I don’t need some evangelical white nationalist telling me what to do, just like I don’t want some Muslim telling me to pray five times a day. Can’t we appreciate each other’s differences? I am as big a sap as anybody for Christmas movies. That’s my culture and that’s what I feel comfortable in.  Others may not be comfortable there, but that’s fine.

I was sorry to see that Kamala Harris has withdrawn from the presidential race. I’m sorry to see her go but I believe it vindicates me for suggesting that she get rid of the pantsuit. I believe that is what did her campaign in. Can’t any fashion designer come up with a power outfit for women? If Pete Buttigieg becomes the nominee, and he needs to balance the ticket, she would be a good pick, but I think they might butt heads. Stacy Abrams might be a better running mate to win over the black vote. Kamala Harris might make a fine Attorney General, but she would have her hands full in bringing integrity back into the Justice Department. William Barr has made a total mess of this department since he has been named as Attorney General and acted as Trump’s Consigliore.

And so we finally get to Trump. I was in Basic’s today and was pointed out to a woman who had just picked up a Conscious Community Newsletter. She liked my article. I thanked her and told her when the next issue would be in. Some of the things that I put in are to promulgate discussion. It’s okay if you don’t agree with me. How boring would that be? I’d love to see an article submitted on “Why I Voted for Trump”.

Trump is being impeached. Congress hasn’t voted on it yet, but I’m pretty sure by the time you read this he will have been impeached. He extorted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, he withheld $400 millions of aid. Ukraine has lost over 13,000 soldiers in their fight with Russia. Withholding money is a personality quirk of his. He withheld $105 million from Lebanon in military aid, something that pleased Russia. He has since released it once it was found out. Something else that is not part of the impeachment is Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria, leaving our Allies to be slaughtered. The Kurds lost more than 400,000 since the war started in Syria. These are honorable people, and for you Christians out there the Kurds are descendants of the Medes. Supposedly the Three Wise Men journeyed from there.

What really has gotten my ire was Trump stepping in to the military chain of command. Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer was forced to resign over his dispute with Trump about Chief Petty Officer Eddie Galagher who was cleared of murder but was reduced in rank. As Commander in Chief he has that right, but is usually taken with due diligence and much discussion, none of which happened.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” That’s it, that is what he is to be judged on. That is also his plea bargain. He is acting to the best of his ability.  That is a sorry state. Let’s write to our Senators and urge them to look at impeachment information dispassionately and make an honorable decision in this trial. Tell them, “Remember-you’ll be trying him, but we’ll be trying you.”

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