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Calming the Corona

By Doris Deits

The coronavirus seems to have delivered a shockwave of fear across the globe.

Cruise ships are quarantined and not allowed to unload passengers. Store shelves that once displayed face masks, hand sanitizer and alcohol now stand barren. Large corporations are cancelling conferences and other trips as they attempt to thwart the spread of this virus.

The panic button for humanity has been pushed and the launch sequence engaged but it’s not yet clear if we’re going full blown hysteria.

In some areas, people are preparing for a worst-case scenario by stockpiling food, medication and other necessities, creating pressure for retailers to restock quickly, creating a false shortage.

In a USA News article, a Texas woman who was preparing for “the worst” stated, “it’s hard to decipher what’s fact and fiction between the politics, the paranoia and the media…”and she fears becoming a target of thieves.

As I read and watch reactions to this situation, it reminds me of the bunker shelters people made and stocked for surviving the atom bomb, or those shows on survivalists.

I’ve never really put much energy into this type of fear because the one thing I have observed in my many years as a human is that we have an incredible ability to pull together when a major crisis happens.

The great thing about any world crisis is that is unifies us to work together towards a common goal. It’s in everyone’s best interest if everyone else is doing well.

Coronavirus has done a wonderful job of bringing attention to just how deeply connected we are on a global scale.

Our country needs China to be a healthy and productive society so we can keep getting our stuff.

The freedom of travel we enjoy makes it impossible to isolate ourselves from the issues facing the rest of the world. Disease is non-discriminatory and doesn’t play favorites.

This is significant evidence that we are indeed a one-people world. The us vs. them perspective or ‘not my problem’ attitudes fall away into meaningless rubble when faced with a global health issue like this.

Even the very wealthy are concerned about the long arm of disease, albeit for different reasons.

This virus has affected their financial empires. Almost overnight, there were reported losses in the trillions of dollars in the financial district due to ‘investor unease’ over the economic fallout fears of the virus. The Dow suffered its worst losing streak since 2008, adding its energy to the fear.

Fear is rampant and it’s impacting all of us but what’s important is what we do with it and how we respond to it.

“Energy follows thought” is considered a cosmic principle according to metaphysics. Meaning, if we put our energy into the fear of a pandemic, that’s exactly what we’ll get.

One way to balance our fears is to put things into a common-sense perspective. We can achieve this by looking at the reality of the situation.

History shows us that the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 killed an estimated 50 million world-wide. But that didn’t seem to slow us down much.

According to Wikipedia, in 1918 global population was 1.8 billion and now we’re at 7.7 billion. It took 200,000 years for humanity to reach 1 billion and only two hundred more to reach 7 billion. History shows us that the world will survive a pandemic, even if there’s a shortage of hand sanitizer.

There are people all over the world who will work tirelessly trying to fill the needs of humanity and find a solution.

We are not alone and for better or worse, we will get through this together. That’s the reality.

The coronavirus is also a reality and we need to have a common-sense approach to that as well and take the necessary precautions. We all need to take care of ourselves and our families as best we can as the world weathers this storm.

It’s the extreme worry or worst possibilities we want to avoid putting our thoughts or energy into. It’s natural to feel fear and it’s okay to recognize it. Talking to others about our fearful feelings is also a great way to release them. If the majority of people can keep their minds away from the panic button, we will surely avoid a massive pandemic.

Energy follows thought.

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