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By Pam Luedtke

Several months ago, my husband and I went on a trip of a lifetime. . . a two-week tour of Egypt. I’ve wanted to visit Egypt since I was young; but as the years went by, this went to the back burner and seemed unlikely ever to happen. Then last year, seemingly out of the blue, Egypt’s “number” came up, things fell into place. . . it was the time to go!

It’s hard to express how excited I felt just to be there and how much the place felt like home. It’s not modern day Egypt I’m talking about here; it’s something else. I felt a sense of connection to something greater there; something beyond the present. The energy of Egypt’s incredibly rich history and long-standing civilization is still present and available everywhere we went. I couldn’t help but sense it, feel its presence, and appreciate the magic of being connected back to ancient ties.

One of the most compelling places we visited was the Great Pyramid and the Giza plateau. We went there at the start of our tour and again at the end, after traveling down the Nile and back. Egyptologists will tell you that the Great Pyramid was a tomb, but was it really? It is certainly unlike any of the other tombs we saw in Egypt. Another school of thought out there suggests that the Great Pyramid was more like a great temple; a place of spiritual initiation and energy. It is also thought that the pyramid may be quite a bit older and have quite a bit more to its history than is commonly known. Whatever is true, from my experience of it, the pyramid gives off an energy and has a presence about it that suggests it was something much more than a tomb.

The final days of our tour were spent very close to the Great Pyramid at an historic hotel called the Mena House. From many vantage points around the hotel grounds, the pyramid was “right there” in plain and magnificent view. The morning of our last day in Egypt, I decided to skip the scheduled touring and stay back at the hotel for the day. I just wanted to hang out awhile with this ancient wonder.

After breakfast, I saw my husband off, grabbed my coffee and notebook, and settled in to a great spot on the patio with a spectacular view of the pyramid. It was captivating. I sat there for several hours journaling and reflecting, just taking it all in. Tomorrow we would head home. I wanted to cherish this time as much as possible.

During that time, I felt very much that I was tuned in to something that elevated my thought and connected me in some way to the pyramid. I let my thoughts flow freely into my journal writing. It felt a little “out there”, a little magical, but I just went with it. I’d like to share a brief excerpt from that journal (below). Take it or leave it as you wish, but as you read it, try to visualize an image of the Great Pyramid before you in your mind. May you feel a bit of Egyptian magic too!

“I sit on the grounds of the beautiful Mena House and gaze up at the great pyramid before me. I feel incredibly grateful and privileged to have this opportunity. I am humbled. And a bit choked up.

The pyramid has a presence, that’s for sure. A great presence. I swear I can feel the energy emanating from it; and can perceive the radiant aura around it (even see it with my own eyes at times. . . a whitish field or glow). It is still giving off energy, even after all these years. Just imagine what it must have been like long ago.

If indeed it did shine a light for the world to get us through the “dark ages” following Atlantis, and the rebuilding period, and carried the torch (the flame if you will) all this time, to get us to the New Age. . . then indeed it seems important to link it up now, link with it, to bridge from the past to the New Age, and let its Light flow into the new grid, and help birth the New Age, and its new forms, on a higher turn of the spiral; forms of a higher vibration; a more spiritual orientation; a more loving energy. . . I am welling up as I write this with the very joy of such a prospect. There is the promise of being such a different world. Perhaps the great pyramid will no longer even be needed; its energy transferred into the etheric; no longer the need for the dense physical form.

And so I gaze upon it with great wonder, and I want to honor it, and thank it for all it has done for us, for its steadfastness, its perseverance, its stability; through the dark times.

It is almost like having had a piece of the Sun on the planet here; to shine Its Light and share Its sacred energy as the Sun does; freely and steadfastly. Such a beautiful thing.”


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