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Research Proves Healthy Sound Leads to Healthy Life

By Beth Eberhardt and Stacey Seacord-Peters

As you all know we here at the Mindful Life Center believe in sound healing and this is just another example of how sound can heal. The other day we found an article about a recently publish paper in Nature Communications about a research study focused on the playing of sound around dead or dying coral reefs and wanted to share the highlights with you.

Researchers believed they could potentially entice juvenile and adult fish to a dying reef. They did this by inserting underground speakers in the dead reef. They then projected the sounds associated with a live reef through the speakers. They found that the broadcasting of healthy reef sounds doubled the total number of fish and increased the number of different fish species by 50%. The increase in fish included herbivores, detritivores, planktivores, and predatory piscivores, all necessary in a healthy reef system. The research team confirmed their results by also placing speakers with no sound in dead reefs and found no change after 40 days.

Re-growing healthy reef ecosystems requires more than just reintroducing fish and wildlife, but it is a step in the right direction for a healthy recovery. In our case it proves that living organisms are affected by sound and that healthy sound leads to healthy life.

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