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The Mysterious Journey of Waking Up #3

By Heather C. Williams

This is my third article in the wonderful Conscious Community Newsletter. What is a “Conscious Community”? A conscious community, to me, is composed of individuals who are aware of the value of people working together and caring for the things they share (the common good – ie air, water, soil, nutritional, housing and healthcare needs, to name a few). One of our shared needs that is forgotten today is our need to have “a meaningful reason for BEING”. Jungian analyst, Dr. Edward F. Edinger says “Human society cannot long survive unless its members are psychologically contained within a central living myth and such a myth provides each individual with a reason for being.” Edinger goes on to say, “It is evident to thoughtful people that Western society no longer has a viable, functioning myth. Meaning is lost. In its place, primitive contents are reactivated and elemental motivations of power and pleasure are activated.”

Today we are living in a reactionary kind of world. Completely different viewpoints about what is going on in our world are presented on TV News (Fox, MSNBC, CNN) and social media. We have conspiracy theories, fears of the “deep state”, gun violence, addictions, white supremacy. We also have a pretty strong cultural belief that if you are rich you are good – if you are poor you are not good. All this pretty much describes the “mythless” world we live in today. What are myths? Myths are ageless stories about the search for truth, meaning and significance. Joseph Campbell says, “Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.”

The Mysterious Journey of Waking Up is my way of describing the story of our search for the deeper truth – a meaningful reason for being and an understanding of the deeper story of our True Identity: Beingness. Yes, we are physical beings on a physical planet in a universe full of energy and other solar systems. But there is more to you and me than our physical identity. We are MIND! It is MIND or Consciousness that is our true yet invisible identity. We do not know much about being Consciousness, yet I think you will agree that it is our thoughts, beliefs, habits, fears, assumptions, prejudices and memories that construct our daily lives. We must become more aware of this invisible part of us. My Teacher, Thane said: “We all must learn to live back and forth between matter space and mind space.”

We are facing HUGE problems today – climate change, plastic in the ocean, PFAS in the water, gun violence, to name a few. We each need to engage the Mysterious Journey of Waking Up to our True Identity. Myths and stories once helped us understand this divine, spiritual part of us.


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