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Unconditional Love

By Katie Ammon

In our Tuesday night class at Earthsong, Michael Strelcheck asked us a posing question, “What if we told the people around us that we loved them?” I wondered if we were expected to respond to this in any way or if this was just a rhetorical question. It may have been easier to accept this thought if it was worded, “I really enjoy our discussions, each of you adds so much to my work and I am grateful for your support.” But since I had encountered a few people telling me they loved me several times at my places of work, it made me think of how I had responded. If the comment was they liked me, I would say, “Thank you.” If love was mentioned, my response was, “That’s nice.” If it was someone I was supervising, I would tell them to knock it off as it could be construed as harassment and any distraction on that job was risky, and may cost them their job. First, I think words are unnecessary as love should be felt in the heart. Next having to verbalize every idea, feeling or thought is an overdone human trait. And last, all life on our planet is held together by a magnetism called love and it supports and sustains us in many ways, that is until we become greedy for something called “MORE.”

As humans, we do not comprehend love. We think love is an emotion portrayed in romantic novels or movies. Since these stories are mostly about desire, we focus only on the mating game and fail to see the bigger picture. We cannot see that we are not separate entities. We are connected to one another and all life on the planet. If we have learned to unconditionally love our lives and all other life forms on Earth, it sends out positive vibrations, that can’t be put into words. Knowing our every intention, thought and action has an effect on the consciousness of the world and its population, holds us to a higher standard of behavior. Then maybe we can change our world by accepting, appreciating and respecting all life.

Secondly, we humans talk too much, mostly blurting out things we often regret later. If we can keep our thoughts to ourselves until we can absorb and process them, maybe our expressions will be more prudent. In a book I read by Byron Katie, it said to ask ourselves if what we want to say is true, kind, helpful and necessary. I thought this was very useful in a world where many of us are expressing opinions about other people or situations that we have no first-hand knowledge of. Sometimes we become like a leaky faucet that needs a washer, wasting our energy and missing out on the good things in life. Perhaps using our words wisely may help us to be more considerate and could lead to a better environment for unconditional love.

What is unconditional love? The earth gives us this kind of love every day. It gives us a vast source of water for cleaning and drinking. It is available unless we pollute it and can’t use it. The earth provides us with trees that work continually either absorbing carbon dioxide or producing oxygen without any expectation from us, except that we exhibit good stewardship in our use of the wood. By overharvesting we could be diminishing our own air supply. Another way we receive unconditional love is from the vegetable kingdom, which supplies us with vital nutrients that support our body’s growth, development and maintenance. Our bodies are also about unconditional love, in that they keep us alive and have many mechanisms which activate healing processes when we are sick or injured. All of these things are in place for free in the physical world we live in. Some of us live in nature, near wooded areas, have our own wells and grow our own food. Others of us live in communities where our society has tapped into these resources and commercialized them for sale back to us causing us to lose our connection with nature. However and wherever we live we are continually surrounded by unconditional love and that is what holds this world together.

In conclusion, for unconditional love to be manifested on the earth, we humans need to develop a mindset to accept, appreciate and respect one another and other forms of life. We can also begin to use our vocal expression in a more positive manner. Finally, as a part of the physical environment we need to understand and respect the gift of unconditional love Earth has provided for us.


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