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The World Wakes Up!

By Arline Rowden

We have been talking about people waking up for a long time. But the Covid19 virus seems to be the alarm bell that has abruptly alerted a great many people to an issue that they can no longer deny. Life on our planet has gotten very out of balance in so many ways. It might be worthwhile for humans to do a personal inventory of where they are at in their lives.

It feels like too much emphasis has been placed on materiality. There is nothing wrong with material items, we need a certain amount of them while we are here on the planet. But what appears to be out of balance is the importance we give them. For some it seems that they are more important than people and their relationships with them.

The Aquarian Age, that is just beginning, is focusing its energy in a much different direction than the Piscean Age. It’s about cooperation and what’s good for the group not just the individual. It’s about healthy relating not just to other humans but to animals, plants & minerals, too. It’s a time to heal our emotional traumas and to begin to think independently. And it’s a time to let go of victim mentality and become empowered in life.

In a recent spiritual study group class taught by Michael Strelcheck at Earthsong Books & Gifts in Janesville he talked about the bigger picture regarding this virus. I’ve been studying the Ageless Wisdom Teachings with this group since 1995.  So I want to share some ideas that Michael shared and we, as a group, discussed.

We are being given an opportunity to make active choices as to how to get our needs met and at the same time to consider the needs of others and our community. Making these choices can be empowering.

This is an opportunity to decide if you are willing to cooperate for the greater good and willingly follow the directives of the government officials. This situation could help to restore the rule-of-law that has been recently lost.

It can limit where blame for the situation can be placed. Individuals cannot be victims of others, except to Mother Nature, for the situation. Although, there are some conspiracy theories out there. The urgency of the time pushes individuals to accept personal responsibility, which is a quality of the Divine Soul.

This pandemic will push individuals to recognize their connection to other humans around the world. This recognition of a common connection will help humanity bridge the divide between the races and faiths.

There is a bigger energy working behind the scenes, if you will, to move humanity forward on their path of spiritual evolution. This energy is supplying the force of directed purpose. The sooner humanity moves forward, the sooner we can experience the benefits of the Age of Aquarius. Let’s all cooperate for the greater good.

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